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MeasureCamp Panel Discussion Friday

Hopefully in 2022

For the fifth anniversary of MeasureCamp Amsterdam we were looking to renew the Friday, the day before the unconference. To celebrate this within MeasureCamp tradition we decided to mix things up. Move away from a ‘tutor who shares knowledge’ format (workshops/presentations) and more towards the open in-depth discussions where everybody can contribute. MeasureCamp panel discussion sessions were born.

Panel expert discussions

  • 3 rounds, 3 topics and 3 expertpanels
  • Everybody can contribute (you really should to get the most out of it)
  • In-depth discussions with field experts and practioners
  • Business and technical subjects
  • 15 minute break between rounds to wrap everything up and clear your head
  • Afterwards drinks and bites so sharing and getting to know each other can continue

After explaining topic and discussion points, the panel begins. You, the audience, can ask questions, provoke the panel with smart ideas/suggestions, your view on this topic or other contributes to get the most out of this session and get the answers and ideas you want or need.
Our moderator will lead things between the audience and the expertpanel.

First round

Time: 2.30 – 3.20 (50 minutes)

Topic: Optimize your business: Intuition, experience and (big) data alone don’t work. What does? Running disciplined business experiments. (CRO)


  • Guido Jansen, Cognitive Psychologist, CRO/CX/UX @ Vaimo
  • Denise Visser, Product manager experimentation @
  • Tom van den Berg, Lead conversion manager @ Online Dialogue
  • Till Büttner, Head of Web Analytics @ Deutsche Post DHL Group

What’s the most effective way to tackle a CRO-problem within an organisation and really make impact? Is experimenting the key? It’s great to have a CRO team or a specialist, but you run into a lot of things if the organization isn’t ready or willing to move with you. How do you get an experimentation mindset and culture? How does that translate in to execution?
The expertpanel will discuss how they manage this in their companies and answer some of your fundamental questions to help you achieve the same.

Second round

Time: 3.35 – 4.25 (50 minutes)

Topic: The future of digital analytics: How the changing technical enviroment impacts our world. (Technical)


  • Martijn Scheijbeler, VP Marketing @ RVshare
  • Emma Gordon, Lead digital analytics consultant (eClerx) @ Adidas
  • Yali Sassoon, Co-founder @ Snowplow Analytics

Part of the industry is exploring in-house/on-premise tooling, some choose for a complete analytics & marketing stack. Combining web & app has just been released. In addition an increased focus on privacy has made user level tracking more complicated. Taken together getting started with tracking has never been more easy, getting relevant data has never been more challenging.
Our experts will share their views on all the above and more in order to help you make your data-needs more relevant.

Third round

Time: 4.40 – 5.30 (50 minutes)

Topic: Stop beeing a reporting monkey: How to transform your organization into a datadriven organization. (Business/Analytics)


  • Krista Seiden, Founder & principal consultant @ KS Digital
  • Steen Rasmussen, web analytics evangelist & director @ IIH Nordic
  • Dennise Yeh, Head of digital analytics @ Leaseplan Digital
  • Yael Farkas, Team Lead Digital Analytics @ Perfumery Douglas

Are you stuck with running reports for stakeholders? Are your stakeholders unable to explain how data is used to make decisions and enable change? Is your organization not learning at the same speed as yourself or your team?
Then this might be for you. Our experts discuss the topics above. They look at the ‘ideal structure’ and they discuss what’s needed to get there!


  • The Friday before MeasureCamp 2022 hopefully
  • Doors are open at 2 PM
  • First round begins at 2.30 PM
  • Drinks and bites at 5.30 PM


It’s at the same location as MeasureCamp this year and last year.

Amsterdam Art Center
Donauweg 23 1043 AJ

More info about the venue (nearest trainstation and walking route)

How can I join?

Our recommendation: combine this afternoon with our Saturday Unconference. Two days of MeasureCamp, nothing can beat this experience.

The event is free of charge.

  • Only three tickets per company available! If we see more than 3 people from the same company after all releases and we have people on our waitlist, we will contact you to see who is coming and who is moving to our waitlist. Please understand: we want to have a good mix of people from different companies to learn from.
  • MeasureCamp organisers reserve the right to restrict and withdraw tickets from vendors (to prioritise users of Digital Analytics) unless they are from sponsoring companies. Your ticket will be cancelled.
  • MeasureCamp will not allow business development / sales / recruitment staff tickets unless they are from sponsoring companies. Your ticket will be cancelled.