Saturday 03 Oct, 2020

Starting at 9.00 am

Amsterdam Art Center

Donauweg 23 1043 AJ

CRO and Experimentation workshop – powered by Optimizely

Optimizely is running two workshops about CRO and experimentation that are definitely worth your while! The workshops can be taken seperately, but work very well together too. Or combine it with a datamanagement workshop.

Session 1: Problem First Hypotheses Workshop (Friday 12th of April – 10AM to 1 PM)
The A/B test. The majority of tests run on any platform are exactly that – an A/B test where a
seemingly bright idea is being rubber stamped. This common practice unfortunately does not always address the real customer problem. How can we break this habit and really work on ideas that come from a Problem First Hypothesis, how can we increase our learnings by developing multiple variations and see an increase in our Stat Sig results?

In this workshop you will learn how to apply the Problem Centric Hypothesis Framework in your daily workflow. Leave this workshop feeling excited about the differentiated approach and the ability to innovate faster!

Audience of the workshop: Everybody with an interest in CRO is able to attend

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A break for lunch – 1PM to 2PM

Session 2: Experimentation Driven Product Development (Friday 12th of April – 2 to 5PM)
What makes companies like, Uber, Netflix and Amazon so successful? What can
we learn from the speed in which these companies develop completely new business models?

Jeff Bezos, CEO and Founder of Amazon says:

“Our success at Amazon is a function of how many experiments we do per year, per
month, per week, per day…”

What is the importance of Experimentation within your organization? This workshop will help you identify the maturity of your own experimentation program. What are the current tests you are running today? What does your existing team structure look like? How can we get additional buy in, for example by involving product teams and executives and get your experimentation program to go broader and deeper in the organization. What new and additional use cases will this unlock and what is the potential value of these for the organization?

After this workshop you will have an understanding of what Experimentation Driven Product Development is and what a supporting team structure looks like.

Audience of the workshop: Everybody with an interest in CRO is able to attend

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Who is running the workshops?
The workshops will be run by Martijn Beijk, Director, Solutions Engineering at Optimizely. Martijn leads a team of solutions engineers across multiple offices in the EMEA region.
His goal is to acquire and develop successful, long-term relationships with Optimizely customers by providing strategical and technical solutions during the pre-sales process and transform business requirements into the best possible experience using the Optimizely X platform.

Practical information about the workshop

The workshop will be run in English and is also relevant for attendees using other cro solutions besides Optimizely.

They will be run the day before the unconference and you don’t need to have a MeasureCamp conference ticket to sign up for a training workshop (although double the benefit if you do!).

Half Day Ticket (1 workshop): €80
Full Day Ticket (2 workshops and lunch): €160
Water, coffee, tea and brainsnacks are  available during the workshop.

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