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Traffic Builders People

Silver sponsor 2019

Traffic Builders People is the recruitment, interim and contracting agency, specialized in the “niche” of digital, including (technical) web analyst positions and BI, R, data scientist (flex and fixed).

Our company (founded by Joost van Deursen and Wolter Tjeenk Willink) is uniquely affiliated with Traffic Builders, the frequently acclaimed (Emerce) full service Digital Agency with over 70 specialized consultants, therefore offering a very potent partner for Digital.

Supporting Measurecamp was a no-brainer for us as we embarked on a journey to become a leading partner in Digital Analytics long ago. By hiring people for contracting/secondment we currently offer a complete range of solutions. Using our “Digital Maturity as a Service” model we have a holistic approach to sourcing issues, helping to define your digital roadmap and ensuring sustainable results. Short term and long term. Our unique proposition involves deployment of our in house specialists (SME’s) for your short term needs and attracting the right people for the strategic positions.

Our “Selected Data Professionals” program
We offer a great proposition to both the specialists we attract and to our customers in digital. We attract analytics professionals with a unique combination of skills, both analytical and social, and we love to invest in them. These professionals have the ability to enter an organization and have an instant impact, especially in E-commerce environments.

We make sure that our specialists are up to speed with current issues and developments that might affect your organization. Our goal is to unburden our professionals so that they can do what they love and do best: using data to propel businesses and educating their environment about the endless potential of data!

Are you interested in becoming a “Selected Data Professional”? This is why Nick Roumimper chose to partner with us (Dutch article):

Please contact us if you could use a partner in Digital!

Contact: Joost van Deursen



Tel: +31 368202202