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ObservePoint is the pioneer and industry leader in Data Governance. In 2010, John Pestana and Rob Seolas set out to create a proprietary MarTech validation solution and reliable tag governance process that could ensure data-driven businesses were collecting accurate data to guide their decisions and to better connect with their audience. Created by the founder of Omniture, ObservePoint ensures accurate data collection across all digital analytics and marketing channels, while actively performing audits to find reporting mistakes, duplicate tags, data leakage and page errors. Our software delivers real-time alerts to help meet the challenges of digital data governance by building a solid governance foundation that can withstand the changing trends in how you use and collect data.

With ObservePoint’s automated auditing engine, customers can more efficiently align cross-departmental teams to plan, deploy, QA and validate your implementation strategy, achieving actionable and unparalleled data quality and peace of mind.

ObservePoint takes you from a laborious, lengthy manual tag auditing process to a designed data governance practice. Our approach is built on leading industry research, best practices, thousands of implementation audits and analysis of millions of data collection points across the digital properties of the world’s biggest brands. These insights are integrated into the ObservePoint platform to make monitoring the tag, TMS, and other MarTech performance across sites easier than it has ever been.

ObservePoint is an enterprise Tag Governance solution to some of the world’s largest brands. As we continue our growth and expansion across the globe, ObservePoint helps the world’s leading enterprises validate and manage their data implementation and collection processes—ensuring they’re making data-driven decisions that are accurate and effective. With digital analysts still reporting that they spend up to 80% of their time vetting data, brands like BBVA, HSBC, Pandora and Tesco have increased efficiency, accuracy, and achieved greater ROI on their digital marketing strategy.

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