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Support Eefje

Bekijk voor de Nederlandstalige, uitgebreide versie van deze post de website van Eefje.

Eefje has been diagnosed with cancer. According to Dutch doctors she doesn’t have very long to live. There is nothing Dutch doctors are able to do for her at this stage. Luckily, Eefje has the possibility to be treated in Germany, but treatment will be quite expensive. We want to help Eefje increase her chances of recovery.

Who is Eefje?
Eefje is 29 years old. She got married to the love of her live Jehro three years ago. Eefje is also a valued member of the digital analytics / measure community in The Netherlands. She has presented at various events and attended multiple others, like Measurecamp London on multiple occasions. If you have been in the digital analytics scene for more than a year, you may have met her at some point at an event or conference.

In 2016 Eefje started her freelance career and not long after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.
During the past few years, doctors have operated to eradicate the decease and have tried several other treatments like chemo therapy. Unfortunately, none of the treatments turned out to be successful and Dutch doctors have told her there was nothing they could do for her anymore.

Luckily there is an immune therapy available in Germany that may save her life. This is a very expensive treatment that is not covered by Dutch insurance. The treatment costs 150.000 euros, which is why we need your support. Donations, big or small are very welcome to help a #measure community member by giving her the most precious gift possible; TIME!

A donation can be made to the foundation “Stichting Eefje”.
IBAN-number:NL95 INGB 0008 3277 97

Thank you for your support!

To learn more about the current status of her crowdfunding campaign and other donation methods, check out her website (Dutch).

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