Saturday 20 Apr, 2024

Starting at 09:00

Amsterdam Art Center

Donauweg 23, Amsterdam 1043 AJ

MeasureCamp Amsterdam supports a NGO with digital expertise

MeasureCamp is all about the transfer of knowledge. Sharing your experiences as a digital professional with others is probably one of the core reasons for you to attend MeasureCamp in the first place.

As a new initiative we want to extend the impact of your knowledge. Why would you only help your digital analytics peers when you can have a positive impact on a great non profit initiative?
Use your experience in the digital world to create awareness for environmental issues or help build a fundraising platform for underprivileged kids. It beats donating a few Euros to a good cause, doesn’t it?

MeasureCamp Amsterdam invites you to donate 30 minutes of your time during the event to help out a non-profit organisation. We will be brainstorming digital topics like (KPI’s, customer journey optimization, performance optimization and usability) to help a non-profit build a better digital presence. Just imagine the impact 120+ digital experts with a hundreds of years of combined experience can have on the way a NGO leverages digital possibilities to achieve their goals.

The outcome of the eight 30 minute brainstorms will be compiled into a digital strategy. This is not where our support stops. We will offer an additional full day of work to help implement the digital strategy and grow the knowledge of digital tasks to the volunteers and employees of the NGO. We will let you know more details during MeasureCamp Amsterdam 2017!

Want to help out?

For this non-profit initiative we are looking for supporters. People interested in running a session dedicated to the non-profit organisation or helping out with the promotion of this part of the event. Reach out to us through email ( or leave a comment below this article.

Do you run or work for a NGO that can use our help?

We would love to hear from you to learn how we can help out. Please read our more detailed article about the event and the support we want to provide.


  1. Tim Ceuppens says:

    Digital, even though I hate the word, strategist here. What do you need?

    • Amanda van der Linden says:

      Hi Tim, Thanks for your reply. Of course you have to attend Measurecamp Adam this april. We can make that happen if you donate a 30 minute session during the day to a good cause (we are currently looking for a great non profit organisation) about a topic you are specialisted in. So you can help the organisation with their online publicity and goals. Ofcourse we will check their needs so you can organize a great session. Ofcourse other attendees can attend this session to help eachother out.

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