Saturday 20 Apr, 2024

Starting at 09:00

Amsterdam Art Center

Donauweg 23, Amsterdam 1043 AJ

The MeasureCamp Amsterdam Swear Jar

There are certain words in our field of work, jargon, that actually don’t mean shit when you say it. UserID, growth hacking, customer centric, customer journey, big data etc.
What do you really mean? Everybody has a different view on these kind of words.

So that’s why we have the MeasureCamp Swear Jar.

When you say a word that’s on the Swear Jar List, you pay!

We will share the list with words later on.


How will the MeasureCamp Swear Jar work?

There will be swear jars littered around the venue in which fines will be deposited for use, or misuse, of any of the above as well as anything you deem to be improper Analytics speak. The fine will be €1 a swear. Like the Bureau of Guardians from the Russian Novel We, we will rely on attendees to monitor their co-attendees, though in a far less sinister manner, and call out any improper verbal conduct be it in general conversation or on stage. As a concept, unconferences are designed to encourage discussions & exchange of ideas and I feel this exercise is in keeping with that concept.

“Where will the funds raised go?” I hear you ask. As, I have been informed, the bar tab is more than adequate we have a more noble intention for the fines. So we thought the money should go to charity instead. Martijn came up with a small charity fund who provides lunch to childeren in the townships from Peru. More information:

What’s nicer than contributing to charity? Being able to make someone else contribute. But please, this is not about ridiculing or criticising people for what they say but about understanding and learning how the jargon we use is more a hindrance than a help, what we should be saying instead and of course having some fun.

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