Saturday 21 Apr, 2018

Starting at 9.00 am

Impacthub Amsterdam

Linnaeusstraat 2C 1092 CK


Gold sponsor in 2018

We build technology and provide services to enable smart analysts, marketers, product managers and engineers to do more with data. The Snowplow event analytics platform makes it easy for any company to:
  • Track user engagement across all platforms and channels, including mobile, website, connected TV, server, email, and other marketing channels in rich detail.

  • Ask and answer any question with the data. Data from different channels is consolidated in a single data warehouse: so you can plug in any analysis tool, join the data with any other data set and ask and answer any question on the data.

  • Act on the data in real-time. Make that data available in real-time to power data-driven applications (e.g. recommendation and personalization engines, marketing automation systems) and real-time dashboards.

  • Own the data. All the data is processed and stored on our user’s own AWS accounts.

The platform is:

  • Scalable. We have users collecting and processing billions of events a day.

  • Low cost. Runs on AWS.

  • Flexible. Users define their own data schemas and data processing rules. Data collected by a retailer will look totally different to data generated from a dating site, online game, bank or media company.

Our platform is used widely across a range of sectors and companies of different sizes. Users include:

  • Media companies e.g. De Persgroep, The Economist, News Corporation, ABC Broadcasting, Sdu, JustWatch, Answer Media, Viewbix

  • Retail companies e.g., de Bijenkorf, Dollar Shave Club, Outfittery

  • Games companies e.g. Peak, Memrise, Space Ape Games

  • Technology companies e.g. Trello, Keewee,, Datadog

  • Marketplaces e.g. Upwork, 99designs,, Shaadi, OPower

  • Brands e.g. Burberry, Unilever

  • Financial Services e.g. Numbers26, Simply Business



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